Security Guards in Vancouver, BC and Calgary, AB

FBIG Security: Security Services

We are what our industry needs. Through our corporate framework, policy, procedure and coaching we are able to sustain higher accountability. Our staff receive maximum guidance. Objectives we set with our clients are realistic. We strive to create an atmosphere of success.
Economics restrict service provision in private security, but economics do not restrict our coaching and mentoring philosophy. Proper leadership is the key to service provision. Every Client and guard is paired with a Regional Manager and Field Manager that is held accountable to our coaching principles – We believe in our staff’s potential and give them the opportunity to fulfill their potential, an equation that translates into our client’s receiving an experience that is different.

Site Security
Access Control
Event Security
Insurance Security
Covert & Overt Camera Installation

Our security "system" focuses on protecting our Client’s objectives and timely communication that is achieved through “live updates” that provide our clients and our managers with critical information quickly.  Our client’s will be given every opportunity to make effective security decisions based on our action.