Quality Assurance

FBIG Security: Quality Assurance

We approach quality assurance from two perspectives, teamwork and partnerships. Our quality assurance program is designed to provide the very best product we are capable of on a consistent basis. Additionally, we carefully consider our corporate “ethos” and make every effort to build our team with the diversity required to facilitate an unprecedented level of problem solving ability. By taking a teamwork approach to every assignment our clients are receiving exponential knowledge as we identify and continually assess the strategies that are employed on their behalf.

We encourage a partnership philosophy with our clients. We share the burden of responsibility and carefully consider the “due process” nature of our industry so that our clients are not unnecessarily exposed to liability or other litigious scenarios that may be deemed inappropriate by the courts or general public.  

Our brand of business is quality oriented. FBIG is strategically structured to decentralize management to afford a layered approach to quality control. Our structure places heavy emphasis on recruitment, training, skill development and maintenance, and personal development that is strictly aligned with our corporate vision. Our efforts at quality assurance are rooted in policies that are designed to ensure operational efficiency and are appraised in quarterly reviews. Externally, our account managers are responsible for truly knowing our clients to ensure their needs are always met.