FBIG Security: Client Experience

FBIG Security: Client Experience


FBIG SECURITY focuses on our client having an experience that is authentic, consistent and replicable.  Our brand moves beyond traditional service models and is designed to provide our client with a holistic experience.  
We attach an account manager to every Client to ensure our product is relationship oriented and tailored to our Client’s specific needs. We are committed to providing our employees and our clients with an authentic experience, through the delivery of our service and the way we operate.
For our employees the FBIG Experience captures what it means to be a part of the FBIG team, the most innovative and accomplished group of professionals in our industry. For our clients the Experience is our promise to provide performance that they can expect to receive every time.

Three qualities are the foundation of the experience:

Authenticity  we tell our clients what we can do for them, we communicate on an ongoing basis to keep them informed and we meet or exceed their expectations. We deliver what we said we would.

Consistency  we deliver an authentic experience every time. Our clients receive the level of contact and attention they prefer with every assignment. We follow the same process and produce the same deliverables with each undertaking.

Replication  our clients will have the same experience regardless of who they are dealing with.  From the front line reception, through interaction with our professionals, and with all levels of FBIG, the experience for our client will be authentic and consistent regardless of business line, location or individual.

The result of creating the FBIG Experience both internally and externally is the full actualization of our corporate potential.  We have an organization that invests in our people, their development and the continued improvement of the entire organization.  For our clients we have created an environment where they are pleased to invest their time and money because they can count on the quality of service they expect every time.