FBIG Security Values.  Offices in Calgary, Vancouver, Edmonton, kelowna, kamloops, nanaimo and victoria

FBIG Security: Our Values


Our representatives will operate in accordance with a code of ethics that emphasizes honesty, integrity, courage, fortitude and teamwork.


All information relating to our Clients will be considered privileged and confidential, and will only be disseminated to those persons within the organization or other agreed upon parties to the degree necessary to facilitate successful and precise operations.


We will practice effective communication based on open and frank dialogue that will emphasize the importance of a reciprocal and effective flow of information.


Our representatives will consider it their duty to provide their coworkers and clients with honest and professional opinions.


Our management will set the standard of leadership, not through imposed organizational control, but through the encouragement of individual initiative and decision-making autonomy.


We will be prepared to adapt to changing circumstances. Flexibility and innovation are hallmarks of our brand of service.


We will make decisions that have purpose. We will make decisions that are constructive and considerate of the interdependent dynamics associated to our Client.