Personal Protection and Bodyguards: Vancouver, Calgary, Victoria, Edmonont

FBIG Security: Protection

We will protect our clients by implementing defensive measures and avoid confrontation by de-escalating potentially violent situations. Our protection team employs detailed advance research and planning to create an environment where clients are fully protected with minimum interruption to their activities, allowing them to conduct their business with confidence and peace of mind. Our staff is comprised of highly trained and experienced military and law enforcement personnel who will ensure safety is achieved.
FBIG customizes security plans, strategies and resources for your corporate assets considering site-specific identification of security threats and vulnerabilities.  Prioritized recommendations are developed and implemented based on a cost/benefit analysis with realistic preventative and pro-active approaches.
We will research, organize and plan security with Clients to meet the needs of an organization and operations including the use of technological solutions and integrated security systems based on our own applications and personal experience.

  • Protection Personnel
  • Rural Safety and Security
  • Urban Interface Safety and Security
  • Marine Safety and Security
  • High Risk Termination
  • Personal Tracking Systems
  • Integration of Protective Services with Existing Security Initiatives
  • Training & Awareness for Corporations & Individuals Under Threat
  • Escort & Executive Assistance