Security Guards: Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton

Security Services

Our security "system" focuses on protecting our Client’s objectives and timely communication that is achieved through “live updates” that provide our clients and our managers with critical information quickly.

Security Guards
Community Security Services
Personal / Executive Protection
Loss Prevention

Private Investigations
Employee Screening / Backgrounds
Security Consulting

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Community Services

A program consisting of dedicated community service aides who provide a recognizable and positive presence within the community, building professional relationships with community business merchants while addressing their safety and crime prevention needs.

We will prevent or stop disorderly conduct, property crimes including theft, fraud, auto-crimes and mischief such as vandalism and graffiti.  We will also discourage loitering and aggressive pan handling and provide an atmosphere of safety for visitors to the community.

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Bodyguards and Executive Protection: Vancouver, Calgary

Protection Services

We will protect our clients by implementing defensive measures and avoid confrontation by de-escalating potentially violent situations.

Our protection team employs detailed advance research and planning to create an environment where clients are fully protected with minimum interruption to their activities, allowing them to conduct their business with confidence and peace of mind. Our staff is comprised of highly trained and experienced military and law enforcement personnel who will ensure safety is achieved.

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Calgary & Vancouver Loss Prevention Services

Loss Prevention

Our "Brand" of Loss Prevention is the direct result of combining our proven methods of investigation with theft reduction and intervention strategies to provide our clients with a better bottom line. We expose our staff to all levels of our unique training and investigative skill development, which we feel offers our people better information, so they can do a better job.
Our undercover Loss Prevention Investigators will save money and contribute to your return on security investment. Our goal is to deter, detect and aid in the prosecution of theft, but we will do so with your image in mind. Our professionalism will be an extension of your professionalism. FBIG will reduce your losses and will reduce your risk.

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Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton: Private Investigators


We have assembled our team of multi-disciplined, hand-picked professionals to draw from their qualifications in accounting, criminology, forensic sciences, national security, insurance and law enforcement to provide our clients with an exceptional evidentiary products and service

We are fortunate to have attracted former members of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Calgary & Vancouver Police Services, Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) with backgrounds in corporate security and forensics. These highly trained, knowledgeable professionals have expertise in the fields of both investigation and business. 

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Employee Screening and Background checks

Employee Screening

Thorough examination of a potential or current employee’s background or a person in the position of authority or responsibility reduces risk and corporate vulnerability. 

With signed consent, you are able to make fast-informed decisions regarding hiring or promotions based on facts. Positive identification is a must.

In today’s environment, checking an individual’s background is essential. Your clients, shareholders and fellow employees will appreciate your due diligence.

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Calgary, Vancouver security consultants


General risks and specific threats to our client’s people, assets and image present complex challenges with a broad range of potentially negative consequences, many of which are predictable and avoidable.

Our unique and systemic approach to security consulting seeks to identify vulnerabilities in the way organizations operate, their dependencies and relationships to external influences, exposure to variables and what risks are created within these linked systems. We will reduce or eliminate the distractions of threat and risk that interfere with business efficiency and safety.

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Security Client Experience

Client Experience

FBIG SECURITY focuses on our client having an experience that is authentic, consistent and replicable.  Our brand moves beyond traditional service models and is designed to provide our client with a holistic experience. 

We attach an account manager to every Client to ensure our product is relationship oriented and tailored to our Client’s specific needs. We are committed to providing our employees and our clients with an authentic experience, through the delivery of our service and the way we operate.

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FBIG Security: Introduction

Our vision is grounded in building a cutting edge team that will deliver an authentic experience, while simultaneously blending our services with our client's needs with focus and purpose.

Our future planning will stay the course of providing designer services to select clients. We will not sacrifice quality for growth.

We will be transparent in our presentation. We will know what our objectives are and how we are going to achieve them.

We will select staff based on ability and provide them with opportunity.

We will know who our clients are, understand their business and share the burden of responsibility with them on all undertakings.

We will reflect competency, trust and honesty in the face of adversity and achievement.

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